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Founded in May 1964 by J.W. Kerr, Jim Wilson, President of Canada Electric and James Wilson President of the Canadian Electrical Contractors Association, Kerrwil Publications Limited has grown into the oldest privately held publishing company in Canada.

We look forward our next 50 years with third generation family involvement through our family advisory board that includes the grandchildren of founder Jack Kerr. This advisory board will lever the growing expertise of both John D. Kerr and Julie Kerr whose business careers in banking and marketing/advertising respectively compliment the growth needs of Kerrwil.

Our Founder Jack Kerr gave us our mission. Simply stated he said "we will be a member of the industry first and publisher second." This mandate has distanced us from every competitor we have ever had. Leading the industry, challenging the status quo and building with a focused eye on the future is what has made Kerrwil a well-established and respected name in the Canadian publishing community, and a key partner in the industries we serve. J.W. (Jack) Kerr, brought forward these guiding principles for success: be the market's resource; and, understand any publication and its ancillary platforms are in the process of becoming perfect.

Kerrwil has been active in many industry associations including the Canadian Business Press (Now Canadian Business Media Association) - where both J.W. (Jack) Kerr and John Kerr served as Chairmen. Kerrwil is an active member today with the Canadian Business Media Association, Magazines Canada, BPA Worldwide, and the Canadian Circulations Audit Board.

He taught us that nothing is as constant as change. We must adapt to market conditions and technology trends and truly understand the impact these have on our readers. That and taking care of our customers will provide continued growth and a sound reinvestment in all we do.

Kerrwil has nurtured its reputation for being the best we can at what we do. Understanding and meeting our advertisers' expectations and providing new methods and solutions that generate above average returns is what we do in print, online, and on site.

While our mandate is to serve the industry first, decades of publishing expertise has led to establishing best practices in publishing in print and on line that dramatically separate us from the competition.

We know what we do drives profitability, creates awareness, and builds brands and our team of editors, publishers and audience experts stop at nothing to be the markets we serve resource.

Today, we remain committed to the principles that have brought us this far...

Actively support the industries we serve
Ongoing investment in audited circulation
Delivering editorial excellence and authority
Setting the benchmark for best practices in publishing
Researching, evaluating and sharing superior market knowledge
Lead the publishing industry in best practice and online technologies

Kerrwil is your market resource.


Publishing Industry Expertise and Involvement drives Audience and Readership Excellence

As members of the Canadian Circulations Audit Board, a division of BPA Worldwide, our main platforms are audited twice yearly to confirm readership, geographic location and title. The data required by advertising professionals worldwide guarantees that you know what you are buying and to whom you are directing your message.

To be the best at what we do, Kerrwil is an active member of these industry associations. Kerrwil has chaired, supported and been active in all these groups for the betterment of the media and to ensure we stay at the top of our game in developing, sharing and practising best methods to gain audience and build quality content in print and on line.

As such we are members of:

  • American Business Media (ABM)
  • BPA Worldwide (BPA)
  • Canadian Business Press (CBP)
  • Canadian Circulations Audit Board (CCAB)
  • Internet Adverting Bureau (IAB)
  • Magazines Canada (MC)

We are also supporters of BUY SAFE MEDIA, a BPA initiative.

Our Driving Principles

Long Term Goal
We will work diligently on our obligation to build a better, and stronger company in the future building on the Kerrwil brand. Our future sustainability is ensured by our continued commitment to our stakeholders, developing our people and challenge those communities we serve. We will exceed in quality and service in all we do while we drive strong financial results.

Great People
Fostering a collaborative and supportive environment and attracting and retaining the best of the best for our business. Today our team continues to demonstrate whatever it takes moniker and takes on the challenges we confront with a can do team mindset. We value risk taking, innovation and the pursuit of continuous improvement in all we do.

The best value added formula for our clients
We will focus on our collective ability to continually drive value to our clients in all we do. We view our clients as partners and believe that we can help them grow though our long term understanding and knowledge of the markets we serve.

Our International Network We are committed to best practices, best methods and solutions in all we do and are committed to working with our colleagues worldwide to gain insight


Our company is different, our most protected assets are our people. It’s our people that make us different and it’s our people that drive our competitive edge. We are passionate about making a difference, about adding value and making a measurable difference in our client’s performance.

Kerrwil’s history has been shaped by a bunch of smart, driven people that care about deadlines, getting it done and doing whatever it takes. Our collaborative style and focus emphasizes a team approach, builds trust at all levels and drives results for our clients, company and stakeholders.

Want to join our team?
Contact John Kerr directly at johnkerr@kerrwil.com


  • Electrical Industry Canada

    Established in 2014 Electrical industry and its related newsletters dominated the market in terms of advertising share, unique visitors, open rate and hard and fast sales leads. Electrical Industry Newsweek and its related platforms are published in association with Electro-federation Canada and have quickly become the go resource for those that buy, specify install and maintain electrical equipment.

    With a unique industry newsletter outreach approaching 25,000 weekly our audience is the most detailed defined and qualified representing the leading electrical equipment influencers in contracting, plant electrical, commercial and engineering segments.

    Our related websites are listed below.
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    Canadian Electrical Wholesaler provides the latest in electrical wholesale distribution news, expert analysis and market research updates for the entire electrical wholesaling marketplace in Canada. With guest editorials, opinion pieces and features CEW will give the Canadian Electrical Wholesale professional the inside track on the news and trends in the electrical channel. Special editions and feature reports will include daily summaries on leading industry events. Global insights, benchmarking and new insights on best practices will be featured. Published only for the electrical wholesaling professional will require recipient qualification. Newsletter Published on 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month.

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  • Lighting Design & Specification

    Lighting Design and Specification is an online web site and newsletter portal focused on specialty lighting products for professionals who specify, design and buy Lighting Equipment in Canada. The purpose of Lighting Design and Specification is to bring informative insights into the design and specification of lighting projects with complete coverage and mix of industry news design products and technology. Newsletter Published monthly, every 2nd and 4th Thursday

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  • Panel Builder & Systems Integrator

    Panel Builder & Systems Integrator, Equipment and Solutions for Control and Automation, is written for those involved in the design, specification, build, manufacture, installation and commissioning of control panels and systems. With content targeted at the panel building and systems integration segment panelbuilder.ca and Panel Builder Insights will provide targeted and specific editorial content to the panel building segment in Canada. Our content offering will include news, features, how, proprietary research, best practices and case studies including vertical Industry overview and insights. We will overview the latest in components, enclosures, drives and controls, circuit and surge protection and the latest in new products. If you are a control or automation consultant, Control panel builder, electrical contractor, mechanical contractor, control panel OEM, Systems integrator or supply panel and automation components in Canada sign up today. Published the second and fourth Wednesday of every month.

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  • Drives & Controls

    Drives & Control Solutions newsletter and related website drivesandcontrols.ca is produced for those involved in the design, specification, build, manufacture, installation and commissioning of drives systems and related control infrastructure. With content targeted at the drives and control segment Drives & Control Solutions delivers targeted editorial content to the Motion and Control markets within Canada. Our content offering includes news, features, case studies, proprietary research, best practices and white papers. We overview the latest available products including components, enclosures, drives, motion controls, robotics, mechatronics, surge protection and full solution offerings. If you are a control or automation consultant, drive specialist, electrical contractor, mechanical contractor, OEM, systems integrator or supply drives and motion components in Canada sign up today. Published the first and third Wednesday of every month.

    Drives and Controls Newsletter Archives


About Re-Use of Content
Re-use requests include editorial and commercial reuse of Kerrwil text and images

To Submit a Request
For all requests to reuse content from Kerrwil we require the following information:

  • Name of the title/platform in which the content originally appeared
  • Issue date if applicable
  • Page number or URL
  • Title of the article / description of the image(s)
  • Name of the author / photographer
  • Your complete contact information (name, address, phone, fax, email)
  • Description of your proposed reuse of content (please include all details – including, but not limited to, print run, territory of reuse, rights being requested)
About Reprints
Reprints are high quality reproductions of published articles on a variety of media, enhanced by customization options.
E-prints are PDFs of articles that can be hosted on a website for access by multiple users. E-prints are print-enabled, allowing users to print the PDF.

Contact Information
email: elissacampbell@kerrwil.com
phone: +1.705.527.7666 ext. 224


Kerrwil prides itself in creating and providing the best content for the respective segments we serve. We deliver the most qualified audiences in our print, digital and on line platforms. Kerrwil is known as a pioneer leading the publishing industry with the first special interest web site, digital version, and integrated newsletters. We search and research our markets better than anyone and we strive to provide the right value for our clients. Kerrwil has been involved in integrated media solutions, in print, in person, on broadcast and online well before many considered it.

We pride ourselves at being members of the industry or segment we serve first and that drives the content that’s insightful and informative. We give our readers the right information at the right time and we provide the right mix of content in every issue, on every TV show and on every web site.

At Kerrwil we sell solutions first and are committed to a best fit always. If we can’t do what is needed we work hard to help our clients find the best solutions first. We believe in relationships and have clients that have dealt with us every month since our founding. Our integrated approach and service levels set us apart and each brand we have has professional sales teams that know the market and know how to bring results.

At Kerrwil we are always looking to augment the corporate team and build on the bench strength to support our mission to develop, create, and grow our numerous brand platforms. Our corporate group includes audience acquisition, market research, finance, operations, business development, promotion and Strategy and planning.

We are continuing in our efforts to refine, define and expand our platforms and technical infrastructure to allow us to better interface with our audiences. From web site design, to IT to systems design.

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If you require more information please contact Elissa Campbell - elissacampbell@kerrwil.com | 705-527-7666 ext 224

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