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Founded in May 1964 By J.W. Kerr, Jim Wilson, President of Canada Electric and James Wilson President of the Canadian Electrical Contractors Association, Kerrwil Publications Limited has grown into the oldest privately held publishing company in Canada.

"Being a member of the industry first and publisher second has separated us from every competitor we have had. Leading the industry, challenging the status quo and building with a focused eye on the future is what has made Kerrwil a well-established and respected name in Canadian publishing community.

Kerrwil has been active in many industry associations including the Canadian Business Press – where both J.W. (Jack) Kerr and John Kerr served as Chairmen. Kerrwil is an active member today with the Canadian Business Press, Magazines Canada, BPA Worldwide, and the Canadian Circulations Audit Board.

Kerrwil has nurtured its reputation for being the best we can at what we do. Understanding and meeting our advertisers’ expectations and providing new methods and solutions that generate above average returns is what we do≈ in print, online, and on site.

While our mandate is to serve the industry first, decades of publishing expertise has led to establishing best practices in publishing in print and on line that dramatically separate us from the competition.

Today, we remain committed to the principles that have brought us this far:

  • Ongoing investment in audited circulation
  • Delivering editorial excellence and authority
  • Actively support the industries we serve
  • Setting the benchmark for best practices in publishing
  • Researching, evaluating and sharing superior market knowledge
Kerrwil is your market resource.


As members of the Canadian Circulations Audit Board, a division of BPA Worldwide, our main platforms are audited twice yearly to confirm readership, geographic location and title. The data required by advertising professionals worldwide guarantees that you know what you are buying and to whom you are directing your message.

To be the best at what we do, Kerrwil is an active member of these industry associations. Kerrwil has chaired, supported and been active in all these groups for the betterment of the media and to ensure we stay at the top of our game in developing, sharing and practising best methods to gain audience and build quality content in print and on line.

As such we are members of:

  • American Business Media (ABM)
  • BPA Worldwide (BPA)
  • Canadian Business Press (CBP)
  • Canadian Circulations Audit Board (CCAB)
  • Internet Adverting Bureau (IAB)
  • Magazines Canada (MC)
We are also supporters of BUY SAFE MEDIA, a BPA initiative.


J.W. (Jack) Kerr, Kerrwil’s founder. Jack brought forward three guiding principles for success: be a member of the industry we serve first; be its market resource; and, understand any publication is in the process of becoming perfect. He taught us that nothing is as constant as change. We must adapt to market conditions and technology trends (and truly understand the impact these have on our readers). That and taking care of our customers will provide continued growth and a sound reinvestment in all we do.

Speaker 1

John Kerr
CEO and Director

Simply messing around in boats best describes John who is equally comfortable racing sailboats or cruising Georgian Bay in his powerboat.

Speaker 2

Greg Nicoll
Vice President and Director

Greg is an accomplished sailboat racer and experienced crew who applies insights from his life experiences and love of boating to creating sales and marketing solutions for our customers.

Speaker 3

Andy Adams
Managing Editor

Andy is one of Canada’s most knowledgeable and experienced boating journalist. First writing for Canadian Yachting in the early 1970s, Andy has tested and reviewed more boats than anyone in this country.

Speaker 4

Terri Hodgson
Online Editor

Coming to Kerrwil with an extensive background in print and digital project management Terri assists with all aspects of assembling our publications, oversees the social media campaigns and manages content quality control.

Speaker 5

John Armstrong
National Account Manager

As an active boater, his knowledge of the marine business, hands-on management experience combined with his ability to communicate effectively have enabled him to be very successful. John is the past Vice Commodore Harbour and House at the Port Credit Yacht Club.

Speaker 6

Lynn Lortie
Sales & Marketing

Lynn comes to Kerrwil with over 30 years of banking and customer relations experience. This background helps her to provide quality assistance to the sales team. Lynn has been a sailor on Georgian Bay for many years.


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  • Canadian Yachting

    Canadian Yachting is published by Kerrwil Publications Limited. Founded on May 21, 1964, it is one of Canada’s oldest privately held publishing companies. Since then we have been involved in numerous industries and disciplines.
  • Boating Industry Canada

    Boating Industry Canada magazine in printed and digital editions and the Boating Industry Canada electronic newsletter, Newsweek are part of the marine titles of Kerrwil Publications Limited.


Thank you for considering joining the Kerrwil team. Kerrwil offers a wide array of opportunities for ambitious, knowledgeable and hard working individuals looking to join a dynamic and wonderful industry. Being part of Kerrwil means being passionate about the work you perform and being essential to the customers you support. Here we are members of the communities and industries we serve first. We consult and work to build our clients' businesses while ensuring our content is the best in the market. We are insightful, practical, highly competitive and advanced in our approach.

We believe in teamwork, understanding our customers' and our readers' needs first – we think outside of the box. We are not afraid of new directions or concepts and we embrace change. We collaborate and believe innovationa and accountability drives success.

From our content producers, to our graphic designers, to our sales representatives, online developers, marketers, production managers, and all of the other important functions that we perform, Kerrwil employees enjoy an environment that provides the opportunities and resources and freedom to develop critical skills and enhance their careers in whatever direction they choose.

If you are interested in joining our dynamic organization and are ready to work smart, think fast, act radically and bravely, we would enjoy speaking with you about any opportunities that may be available.

Today, we are not actively searching to fill a specific position, but always welcome resumés.
Please contact John Kerr, CEO directly at johnkerr@kerrwil.com. Your confidentiality will be guaranteed.

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